Stoka said She Met Her Husband, Dario, And Lifelong Friends On Campus.

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Marquette grad sticks it with magnetic false eyelashes invention

“I always loved creative things,” the Grand Island, Neb., native said. She was on the newspaper staff in high school. When deciding where to attend college, she said Marquette University kept calling to her. Being a Jesuit institution, it aligned with her Roman Catholic upbringing. Stoka said she met her husband, Dario, and lifelong friends on campus. She participated in Marquette University Television (MUTV) as an anchor and graduated in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. “Marquette gave me a beautiful, well-rounded experience,” Stoka said. Stoka and her husband live in Miami and have two young boys. She said she was at a comfortable place in her life when the magnetic lash idea came to her. She had been selling luxury buildings for 10 years and credits her career in real estate with turning her into the businesswoman she is today.

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